Friday, November 28, 2003

Political Correctness for the Tech-Savvy

Los Angeles is currently spearheading a new initiative to combat cultural insensitivity in the hi-tech world. Rampant slurs and insensitivity has forced their hand, and tech support offices will never be the same again.

Someone, somehow, has a problem with "using the terms "master" and "slave" on computer equipment." We're talking circuits and microchips, people, it's not the end of the world! Read all about it here.

That's about as laughable as another comment I heard recently: that "manholes" should be called "personholes" instead. She was serious, too. Heaven forefend that there should be anything un-PC about our urban sewage system! The next thing we know, they'll be gunning for the word "manage" to become "humanage" and "mandate" to become "peopledate" and "Salamander" to become "Sala-woman-or-man-dar."