Thursday, October 28, 2004

"We Can't Stop Here, This is Bat Country!"

I thought I'd share a timely article by the venerable Hunter S. Thompson as printed in Rolling Stone. With only four days until the election, American cultural heavyweights are lining up to take Bush down: who'd have thought that Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, Roseanne, Eminem, Oprah, and metal band Ministry would ever be on the same side of an issue, any issue at all?

Oh, there's a small search-for-work update: I'm waiting for one last signature to make that "thing I mentioned before" a reality. Stay tuned for an official announcement (hopefully soon)....

I recently got back into touch with one of my oldest and dearest friends last week (we've known each other since grade 4!). Proving that Google brings people closer together, Michelle found my blog and dropped me a message, and I'm so glad she did. I also inspired her to start her own blog, which you can find here. And although I did specify a phone call for #56 on THE LIST, I think this accomplishes it nicely. Thanks Mish!

And thanks to a paid logo and business card project that I recently completed for a friend, I also ticked-off #74. I'm kinda surprised it took this long to get that one of the list though; it should have been gone ages ago, on any number of completed or potential projects I've had along the way. But it gave me a perfect excuse to put together a swank invoice form for future use on my next paid assignment.

Other than that, life and the journey towards much-needed inner peace marches on as usual.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my pumpkins of Hallowe'ens past (I carved Karloff's Frankenstein in 2003 and the haunted house the year before).

Thursday, October 07, 2004

We'll Float On, Good News is on the Way

I had a good day today on the warpath. It had lots of potential, anyway. For now, I'll stay mysterious about it, at least until I know something official. I'll sum things up in the words of a decidedly promising fortune cookie I opened mere minutes ago. According to the cookie, I

"have an interest in the public service."

I'll say no more.

I also wanted to catch up a bit on my list of 101: Over the last two weeks, I replaced my work laptop with a brand spankin' new HP Pavilion a620n (#88 on the List). The choice was kind of made for me, seeing as how I wouldn't be able to write a CV, email stuff, accomplish any of my graphic design projects, or keep this blog running without it. It's amazing how dependent we are on technology. Or lazy. I mean, I suppose I could have saved the money and done all of that stuff at the library or something. But that sounds like unreasonable effort, if you ask me.

I chased that with one of the easiest items on the list that for some reason took this long to get to: I visited the Canada and the World Pavillion (#20). Ho-hum, it was very anti-climactic. I suppose it was interesting in a way, but it seemed unnaturally tiny for an exhibit hall that was built to highlight the international and domestic accomplishments of canada's finest. Modesty's a good thing, but even so, I thought it'd be bigger than a lousy three rooms. Somehow, I can't see the US limiting themselves like that, given the opportunity.

Also, another item was decided without my input. Sadly, #53, starting physiotherapy on my knee, will no longer possible. I had an MRI in August and it confirmed that I need surgery. So I guess #54, the continuation of the physio, would also be a little behind the times now.

I'm saving #69. But if all goes according to plan, this one may be scratched off real soon. More updates as they happen!