Sunday, January 23, 2005

Top-20 on my i-Tunes Playlist

Resurfacing, with an idea cribbed from Neil:

20) The Black Keys: "10 a.m. Automatic"
19) The Shins: "Turn a Square"
18) Jimmy Eat World: "Just Tonight"
16) The Organ: "We've Got to Meet"
17) Modest Mouse: "Float On"
16) Refused: 'Liberation Frequency"
15) Scissor Sisters: "Comfortably Numb"
14) The Hives: "Antidote"
13) Stars: "The First Five Times"
12) Ben Harper: "The Drugs Don't Work"
11) K-Os: "Crabbuckit"
10) The Postal Service: "The District Sleeps Alone"
9) Ted Leo & The Pharmacists: "Criminal Piece"
8) Metric: "Siamese Cities"
7) The Polyphonic Spree: "Hold Me Now"
6) Xiu Xiu: "I Luv the Valley Oh!"
5) The Walkmen: "The Rat"
4) The Futureheads: "Hounds of Love"
3) Franz Ferdinand: "This Fire"
2) The Killers: "Mr. Brightside"
1) Arcade Fire: "Neightbourhood #3 (Power Out)"