Thursday, November 23, 2006

Keeping with the holiday theme...sort-of

I'm still recuperating from a crazy adventure in the wilds of Peru. Which, rest assured, I'm going to be blogging about as soon as I've had a chance to sort out the vacation photos.

In the meantime, I'm amazed by this, and I thought I'd share it. It's in light of American thanksgiving, making it a little dated to those of us up north, but bear with me.

So as the page says, a teaching assistant at the University of Pennsylvania decided to add a question to the end of a recent Psychology midterm exam asking students to draw a turkey. And here's the fascinating part for me....two thirds of them drew a hand or traced around their hand and added turkey features! Check out the drawings on the page if you don't believe me.

Just gets you thinking about what else is lurking around in our brains as left-over conditioning from kindergarten, y'know what I mean? It might explain how easy it was for me to pick up some Spanish while I was in Peru. Thanks, Sesame Street!