Thursday, July 25, 2002

Still Fighting the Plague

Well, I've been home for close to two weeks now from the *most amazing* trip ever to Alberta and BC, and I'm still fighting the four infections (two ear, one sinus, and one throat) that I got as a consequence of air travel. There's nothing quite like sitting in a narrow space, jammed up like cattle (thanks, Air Tango!), breathing in everyone's dirty, pre-exhaled air....if it wasn't for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to places unknown and unseen, I'd say that flying is for suckers. Yes, for suckers. I still get a tear in my eye whenever I see a plane flying overhead though, plague-boy status aside.

But, our trip out west has driven Stacey and I to make a decision. Drum roll, please.....We're quitting smoking (yay!). It took some soul-searching and another brutal hike in taxes, but we figure that we'd be able to save close to $1500 apiece each year by quitting now. And that means another vacation to another beautiful place, which would be wicked-cool. Our next destination, set for some time next year, is going to be Greece. Stacey and I are desperate to go, so with that incentive, it's time to kiss the smokes goodbye. Our deadline, for the sake of an easy transition, will be when we move into our next place, which we hope to do by the fall. Being out west also convinced us that we needed a place that was going to be a little quieter and a little less crazy in a nicer neighbourhood. Right now, we have a nice house for cheap rent, but we have to make a lot of sacrifices for that.

So let me know if you hear about any gorgeous houses in Ottawa for practically no rent. Hey, now that we're going to be non-smokers, it should be easy, right?


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