Monday, August 19, 2002

Where do we gooooo from here?

This makes me stupidly excited. They've announced the cast of Survivor: Thailand! Yay! You know you've spent too much time with a TV show when...

The cast sounds like it could be interesting. Of particular note:

  • First ever Oriental Survivor!

  • A Cheerleader and a quarterback!

  • A washed-up soap opera actor and a washed-up pro football player!

  • A female firefighter! From Arkansas! And a cop from Brooklyn!

  • Five people from Texas!

  • A gorgeous social worker!

  • A Navy diving instructor!

  • Yoga-lady!

  • A cigar-chomping grandma!

  • A cotton-picking guy with a golf club!

  • An extreme sports pretty-boy dentist who lives in Waco!

  • A raving, deer-hunting, born-again christian Pastor!

  • Arizona's most eligible bachelor!

  • A skateboard! How the hell do you skateboard on a beach?

  • 3/4 of the cast is from the southern US! Hicks-a-plenty!

  • Survivor starts up again September 19th. Yeeee!


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