Monday, August 12, 2002

Monday Morning, Left Arm Kinda Tingly and Head Feeling like Sack of Wet Buckwheat Dough

It was an interesting weekend. Parts of it were fantastic, parts of it were harrowing, but I'm back at my desk now, condemning myself to soul-sucking tasks and wondering why they only have blueberry muffins with bran in my building. I have secured some reading material for later on and I have that mild anticipation of a day that could very well end up sucking, but has the mediocre potential of being sort-of-alright.

I would like to draw your attention to another two of my closest and dearest friends (who I haven't seen in over two years) whose new blogs have been bestowed with a place of honour on my link-bar. The first is my former roommate, former co-editor, and former pizza, beer, and wrestling buddy Jay. As one of the most talented writers and artists I have known, I am confident in recommending his blog as an entertaining way to spend a few minutes. The second is a former co-worker and co-enjoyer of Pan-Galactic Gargleblasters (and Bambleweenies), Sara. Sara's in merry 'ol england right now, living with a man who closely resembles Joey Jeremiah, but Sara won't admit it.

Feel free to enjoy, discuss, and generally pontificate.


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