Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Back in the Saddle

It's been too long of a hiatus. The Christmas holidays have been very busy for me for over a decade now, but even more so since I started dating Stacey. See, my parents split back in 1992, necessitating two Christmases every year. And Stacey's parents are also divorced, meaning another two Christmases. And then Stacey and I each have to have a Christmas together and a separate Christmas morning. All tallied, it works out to a whopping six Christmases. That's a lot of Christmas.

So, my past week hasn't been as stress free as it could have been. While my other friends have plenty of time to get together and spread some Christmas cheer at the pubs downtown, I was usually stuck having some family time. And more family time. And more still.

Now, hey, before I seem all down on family, my family's great, and they were very generous this year. But there's family, and then there's FAMILY. Plus my gift-giving budget this year was intense. I can hear my credit card screaming at me from my wallet in the other room.

But I'd spend every penny all over again. It even seems like I under-spent, compared to some of the gifts I received (but I know, it's not about how much you spent...) After many years of drooling over them in the store, I finally got a digital camera, and once I figure out how to post pictures to the web, I'll have a link to a picture section of MPFH. I also got an external CD burner, so there will be MP3 mix discs a-plenty in the works over the next little while. And some great books. And some great clothes. And a whole pile of DVDs and Lord of the Rings-related merchandise. A couple of board games. Some LEGO. Some great tools. I could keep going. I was a very lucky boy this year. I must have been extra nice to warrant all the loot.

Christmas ended officially just over 24 hours ago, so now I'm scrambling to find something to do for New Year's Eve. As usual, I'm left at the last minute with no real plans to speak of. Nothing to do. I had two possible plans lined up, but in true NYE fashion, they've both fallen through. Anyone want to take pity on me and invite me out to a shindig? New Year's is one of my favourite nights of the year, and sitting at home doesn't sound too good to me right now.

Less than 48 hours until I have to be back at work. The countdown begins.


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