Friday, December 13, 2002

A Brief Summary of my Week

What would you do if you hit a dry spell in your work? What if you didn't really have a lot to keep you busy and you went into work every day for three months with the fear that you were going to be laid off any day now? What if you then find out that there was a very good possibility it could happen on one particular week?

What if it also so happens that this week falls close to Christmas, with all the stress and monetary woes of the giftgiving season? Then what if another rumour comes up, saying that you may be forced to zero out your holiday time, regardless of when you were planning to use it, for the betterment of the company? Would you end up feeling pressured and a little jerked around?

Then, let's suppose you decide that taking a little bit more vacation time than you had expected is better than losing your job. What if you decide to march into your boss' office to take a hit for the company, agree to take an extra week of vacation, all in the hopes that you wouldn't lose your job?

Then, let's say you get the OK. Let's also say that when you think about it, your job is secure (at least for a little while) and you'll be able to kick your feet up for a while and do some relaxing. Relaxing like you haven't done since the last time you didn't have a job, and weren't worried about finding one, either, or anything else work-related, for that matter. And let's say that this idea starts to sound really damn cool.

What if you came in the very next day, only to find out that you've been posted to a new project that needs a little extra dummy-work done before Christmas? Work that you weren't really qualified to do, but you've been asked to do anyway? What if your boss, after giving you some much-needed piece of mind, snatches that away from you and puts you on a project that may eat up all the time you had planned on relaxing and recouping and finding the strength to keep going in an impossible working situation?

And then, what if you have to struggle and realize that work is good, and it's important to keep busy and maybe it will keep you employed for a little while longer?

Ta-da! My week, ladies and gentlemen. It's kinda humourous, in a way. If any of you write an episode of a sitcom based on my life, I expect some royalties..


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