Friday, February 07, 2003


The Sens and Flyers played to a 2-2 tie last night, so I guess it wouldn't be fair to say they "beat the living hell" out of them. More like they "outplayed them all three periods of the game and only tied because the sens were missing three key players including their goalie and top scorer and their backup goalie sucks beans." The final shots-on-goal tally was a whopping 45 to 30, so the game was all about the Flyers goalie, Roman Cechmanek, and the ref, who showed a big anti-Ottawa bias. I'm not usually prone to booing, but last night I booed myself hoarse over a couple of his calls. All in all, an exciting game, but nothing feels quite as ambivalent as a tie.

Then again, Neapolitan ice-cream is pretty ambivalent.

Dammit, now I'm hungry again.

Oh, and speaking of the Sens, it looks like the creditors accepted Bryden's bid, which means that a) it looks like the team will stay in Ottawa, and b) any day now they'll be hauling down the Corel signs and replacing them with "Arby's" in big red glowing letters all around the stadium. "Let's go see the Sens at the Arby's Centre!" everyone will say. Man, that sounds fricken' terrible.

But still, Arby' tasty....

I really have to stop talking about food.


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