Monday, February 17, 2003

Smashy-Smashy Time

An update: the reincarnation of my laptop was flawed and incomplete. Right now, I am trying to rebuild two-years-worth of patches, upgrades, downloads, and other things that make my laptop go, and after two solid days of work, I still have a long way to go. I know, I know, my posts lately have been about as exciting as a re-heated bowl of boiled cabbage, but consider this more of an explanation rather than a "Gee, my life is so much richer having read about your laptop, buddy!" kind of post.

In honour of this occassion, here is a list of things that have struck me as noteworthy over the past few days:

* My mother has decided that the word "camera" no longer belongs in her vocabulary. Instead, she has called my camera a "calendar" on two distinct and seperate occasions.

* Yesterday, I spent almost 8 solid hours watching The Sopranos: Season 2. And yet, somehow, it feels like I didn't accomplish much.

* Next time you're at Pizza Hut, order the Cinn-aparts. Trust me, they rule.

* Wiping out a hard drive may be the easist way to solve a mysterious problem, but it's not always the best solution for the people who actually use the hard drives.

* Removing soot from a cat is a lot harder than putting the soot on the cat in the first place.

* Surprises make fantastic gifts.

* 85 cents a litre for gas is criminal. It's getting to the point where it would be cheaper to fill the gas tank with chocolate milk.

Hopefully something more exciting tomorrow!


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