Thursday, May 29, 2003

Things I'm Thinking About at This Very Moment

Given the 3-0 reaming that the New Jersey Devils gave the Ducks in Game 1, is it too early to say that the Sens were potentially one goal short of a Stanley Cup when they were defeated? I still believe the Ducks still have some Mighty in them yet, though.

I could eat Oriental cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, you name it) once a day for 7 straight days and probably never get tired of it. But DAMN, it makes me thirsty.

I've been unable to fight a strong inclination to love the Queens of the Stone Age. I hated their new album the first time I heard it and liked it a little bit more very time since. And now I can't stop listening to it. It's kind of frightening.

Speaking of music, go to this site to hear four new songs and watch a video from Radiohead's new album, Hail to the Thief. I like them lots. Both the band and the songs. Does anyone else see the irony in Radiohead complaining about the fact that the unfinished album, after naming it Hail to the Thief, was stolen and leaked to online users? They're not hailing theives at all! Sounds like foreshadowing to me.

I recently left a banana in my backpack and forgot about it. Now all I can smell is rotten banana. Which surprisingly isn't an awful smell for the first little bit, but after six hours of smelling the same smell, even the scent of roses would annoy the pants off me. I am now pant-less. Literally or figuratively? Only I know for sure.

Why is it that it's so much harder to spend gift certificates than it is to spend your own money? If it's your own money, you find what I want and you buy it if you have some money to spare. When it's a certificate, the search becomes a futile, prolonged, agonizing quest to make sure that you're spending the money to its utmost potential. And then you leave the store saying, "Crap! Why the hell did I buy this?" even though what you bought was perfectly fine. Or maybe it's just me.

Hope I win the logo competition. I made it into round two, and now comes the final decision. I designed about eight different logos to improve my odds. Sadly, I don't think this kind of competition works like a lottery. But my fingers are firmly crossed: I don't think there are as many people in the running for winning this one.

Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day. Preferably two weeks or so from now. And then rain A LOT for a whole day and then give us another two weeks of sun. Thanks!

I can't take any more rotten banana.

Oh, and sending out my best wishes to Tara and Ian who have had what sounds to be a rough go of things lately. Things will look up soon.

And just for Ian: [jig]


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