Friday, March 05, 2004

Share, and Share Alike

I've never been very good with shares. I don't know how they work exactly, although I understand that their value depends on how many are bought and sold.

The more that are purchased, the greater their value, and the more that are sold, the quicker you'll be kissing your children's college fund away. So logically, if the company is proffitable or steadfast, inspiring feelings of trust and confidence in its shareholders, more people will be riding its coat-tails all the way to the bank. Then you can get that big sack with dollar signs on it that you've always wanted. I suspect there's other fancy stuff going on. But you have to be careful, because shares can be tricky: depending on how you play them, you can end up broke, or worse, in jail. Just like that moneybags guy on the Monopoly board.

I'm sure I'll look into it at some point, as I own some, thanks to the nice people who give me my paycheque every two weeks. And at some point I suppose I should sell them or something and buy me a trip overseas. After putting it briefly in a sack, of course.

But as little as I know, I also know that if you own any stock in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, you're screwed. Sorry.


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