Saturday, February 28, 2004

101 Things to do in 1001 Days

After much deliberation, I have finalized THE LIST. Here goes nothing! In no particular order (except maybe the more important stuff is at the beginning)....

1. Paint a picture for my mom. [COMPLETE! Happy Birthday! March 2, 2005]
2. Take an oil painting class.
3. Draw a cartoon.
4. Finish comic book.
5. Print and frame comic book, put it on the wall.
6. Show it off to friends.
7. Learn how to upload web pages to the web.
8. Learn Dreamweaver or Flash.
9. Take a french refresher course.
10. Take an entire roll of film of outdoor shots in winter. [COMPLETE! Ooooo, snowy. Easter, 2005]
11. See an Ottawa Senators playoff game.
12. See Jamiroquai in concert.
13. See one of the “The” bands: The Strokes, The Hives, The Vines, or The White Stripes.
14. See an outdoor festival concert. Get trashed at the beer tent.
15. See a live taping of a TV show (preferably Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
16. And not a crappy one, either (NewRO is clearly out).
17. Visit Canada’s Wonderland.
18. Visit Fort York.
19. Visit Quebec City and see Citadel.
20. Check out the Canada & the World Pavilion [COMPLETE! Canada deserves better. September, 2004]
21. Write 30 blog entries in 40 days. [COMPLETE! Count 'em up if you don't believe me. Feb 23 - April 2, 2004]
22. Do it without ever writing exclusively about music, movies, or television. [COMPLETE! Cheated a bit, but I'm fine with that. Feb 23 - April 2, 2004]
23. Submit an article to a local newspaper.
24. Visit Washington D.C. [COMPLETE! Been there, have a pic of the White House. April 16-19, 2004]
25. Visit Europe. [COMPLETE! Well, sorta. Thailand was much more ambitious. May 5-20, 2005]
26. Go south in the winter.
27. Swim in a body of water other than a lake, river, or the Atlantic Ocean (gulfs or seas count fine). [COMPLETE! Gulf of Thailand, came complete with turquoise water and coconut trees. May, 2005]
28. Fly in a four-seater plane.
29. Drive a motorboat or a jet-ski.
30. Test-drive a sportscar.
31. Fix up bike and go trail riding.
32. Lose *mumble mumble* pounds.
33. Read a Shakespearean play, one I haven’t read before.
34. Memorize a soliloquy.
35. Complete a project using my new jigsaw.
36. Complete a project using my new circular saw.
37. Adamantly try to convince someone of the existence of the Loch Ness Monster.
38. Sell something, anything, for more than $10.
39. Fly a kite.
40. Get a mole removed.
41. Play golf with Mr. Mike Blue Jeans.
42. Figure out what people see in it.
43. Learn how to tie my shoes properly. [COMPLETE! So totally did it on my own, too. March 12, 2004]
44. Stop using “bunny-ears.”
45. Learn how to tie a tie without using a “How to Tie a Tie” picture guide.
46. Stop feeling embarrassed about my unexplainable challenges with any kind of recognizable knot other than wreath knot.
47. Write an email to esthero to tell her that I think her music is cool without sounding too much like a slobbering fanboy.
48. Enlarge one of my photographs to a size larger than 8x12.
49. Send a care package to a friend overseas. [COMPLETE! Hayden and other goodies invade Scotland. July 1, 2004]
50. Do something unbelievably selfish.
51. Do something unbelievably selfless.
52. Learn a useful new word. Use it in a sentence. [COMPLETE! Deliquesce...mmmm, melty. March 4, 2004]
53. Start physiotherapy on my knee. [Obsolete! Knee needs surgery now. October, 2004]
54. Keep at it until it gets better or until they tell me I need surgery. [COMPLETE, in a way! See above. October, 2004]
55. Take or find some pictures of myself. I barely have any. [COMPLETE! Black & white is always the way to go. Ongoing, early 2005]
56. Get an unsolicited phone call from a friend I haven’t seen in two years or more (this one’s up to you guys, outta my hands) [COMPLETE! Hi Mish! Fall, 2004]
57. Eat a burger with four patties. Hold the cheese because it’s too fatty. [COMPLETE! Double Big Mac, followed by four hours of stomach cramps. March 13, 2004]
58. Call someone “fatty.” Mean it as a compliment.
59. Wear a Superman cape in public. Be proud about it.
60. Buy a wide-angle lens for my camera. Test it in Gatineau Park.
61. Go snorkeling. [COMPLETE! Lookit all the coral! May, 2005]
62. Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in order in a day. [COMPLETE! Sooo long. October, 2004]
63. Do something nice for someone. NEVER admit to doing it. [COMPLETE! Or is it? Sometime, 2005]
64. Finish up a job or a contract. Get more than a handshake for it. (Another one that’s outta my hands) [COMPLETE! It wasn't a gold watch, but it might have been more valuable: friendship. Gah! Cheesy! April 23, 2004]
65. Cheer for someone else’s team because it makes them happy.
66. Play Lord of the Rings Risk for only the second time, ever.
67. Change a tire on a car so I can learn how.
68. Get to know one of my stepbrothers better. Away from my dad, when they’re not on such good behavior. [COMPLETE! Not sure I liked what I saw. December, 2004]
69. Get a job that I like. REALLY like. Something creative is a must. [COMPLETE! Project Manager. February, 2005]
70. Put my scanner to better use. [COMPLETE! Pics a-plenty. February, 2005]
71. Get my own website where I can post something other than just text. I will accept any and all gifts of web space. Please, give generously.
72. Make a friend who drinks and lives within walking distance.
73. Even better, all of the above, but with a car and willing to be DD every once in a while.
74. Get paid for my design work. [COMPLETE! Fall, 2004]
75. Adopt an exotic animal and visit it regularly.
76. Print labels for collection of slimline CD/R jewel cases.
77. Get a henna tattoo. Get a real one, if I like it.
78. Move closer to downtown. [COMPLETE! So close to downtown, I can spit at it out my dining room window. August 15, 2004]
79. Try rollerblading.
80. Spend more time outdoors. [COMPLETE! Sunburns to prove it. May, 2005]
81. Patch things up with a lost friend. [COMPLETE! Sometimes you have to do the dirty work. April 29, 2004]
82. Watch less re-runs on TV. [COMPLETE! The Simpsons don't count. July 10, 2004]
83. Re-Read Homer’s “The Illiad.” Skim over the never-ending lists.
84. Watch “Troy.” Point out inaccuracies to anyone who’ll listen. [COMPLETE! Not even worth a rant. Sometime in May, 2004]
85. Re-take First Aid training. [COMPLETE! Why can't I remember basic CPR? March, 2005]
86. Try a new ethnic food. [COMPLETE! El Savadoran. It was greasy. April 18, 2004]
87. Try a new chain restaurant. [COMPLETE! I think?]
88. Buy a new computer. Consider buying a Mac. [COMPLETE! No Mac this time. September 14, 2004]
89. Play with a monkey. Try to get him to play a pan flute.
90. Go on a bar crawl.
91. Help organize and attend a reunion of university friends.
92. Try oysters. [COMPLETE! Tasty, don't forget the horseradish and hot sauce. September 1, 2004]
93. BBQ every night for a week.
94. Spend a whole night out at a martini bar. [COMPLETE! Helsinki, followed by randomness. April 30, 2004]
95. Go for a Boyz night out in downtown Montreal.
96. Get British citizenship.
97. Get British passport.
98. Officially add mother’s maiden name as a middle name
99. Settle up transcript bill with university
100. Buy Lego Millennium Falcon
101. Avoid reading any more spoilers for Star Wars Epsiode III. This one might be the hardest of all… [COMPLETE! Palpatine vs. Yoda! Cool! May 24, 2005]

Wish me luck!