Monday, June 20, 2005

The Traveling Bug

Before I left for Thailand, some of my more travel-savvy friends told me that traveling would change me. They called it getting bitten by the "Traveling Bug," and considering how many times I heard it, I fully believed in it before I even got on the plane. But what they didn't tell me was how far it might reach into so many diverse aspects of my life. Call me naive, but part of me thought it would just make me want to travel more and keep traveling every chance I get.

Surprise! I've gotten back, and I do feel like a different person. Certain things seem to matter less. I mean, how can I worry about paying my phone bill or get all bent out of shape when someone doesn't call me back after seeing real poverty firsthand? And in the face of often poor living conditions, Thais seem to find joy and fun in the smallest, most innocent things. And how can I get really really excited about a night out at a pub or a trip to a bowling alley after riding up a mountain on the back of an elephant?

And certain things seem to matter more. Family and friends seem so much more important after finding myself so far away from them, even for such a short time....and I found out that a fun, positive experience is always worth a little risk.

All of this to say, I know I haven't gotten to the travel posts yet, and they're coming real soon. I guess it's just been hard getting back into my old patterns since I came back. I'm not even sure I want to go back to the exact same patterns as before. But blogging is definitely one that I need to place a higher priority on. I'll try to set aside a chunk of time tomorrow to start Part 1. Stay tuned!


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