Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What You Need

Whoo! Quick post! During the daytime, no less! Watch out, folks...rebel at work.

INXS is back, with a Canuck singer! J.D. Fortune won -- and rightfully so, as much as I liked Marty. Meh. Marty's band will probably sound cooler anyway. But it was clear for the last month or so that J.D. was channeling Hutchence like an old voodoo woman. Same bad-boy image, very similar voice, and all the ass-kissing he could fit into an hour-long show. Hmmm, maybe that last bit wasn't so Hutchence after all.

Also in music - two names for you: Athlete @ Zaphod's. I managed to catch the show at the absolute last minute (sorry I didn't call anyone). And it was quite possibly the best small-club show I've ever seen. I was privileged to be there. This is a band that plays stadiums in the UK....and yet, the band seemed surprised and touched that so many people came out to see them in Ottawa. Better, they liked the city; it might mean they'll come back. Rad. Enough horn-tooting, moving on.

I finally completed my Queen's jacket today. This was one of the oldest things that I've been procrastinating on. It's taken me almost 9 years to get my Geography patch sewn on, even though I was 99% sure it'd be one of my majors in first year. But it's there now, it's done. Only took about 10 minutes to walk it to the tailor, too. Man, that's awful.


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