Monday, December 12, 2005

Mission Accomplished


Okay, so here it is: I'm okay. For the first time since the surgery, I'm back online (sorry for the delay). The surgery went well....but the recovery is going much slower than I had expected. And no ice cream afterwards! How is a chicken salad sandwich a good substitute for ice cream after surgery?! Gah! Thank you all for your well wishes, they certainly helped.

I'm stuck in a long cast until January, but at least the new one they just put on is fiberglass and it's a lot lighter than that plaster one I had before. And the meds! The meds made me crazy loopy. The painkillers weren't as fun as people made them out to be, I really didn't like how weak they made me feel. Turned me into a friggin' turnip. But I'm off them now, good riddance. Maybe I just got the wrong kind or something.

Anyway, I'm on dial-up right now, so I'll leave it there...should be back home and on cable internet again by the end of the week.