Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Ali's Armpit Hurts, Film at 11

Things have been pretty good the past few days or so. Last Friday, we celebrated my next door neighbour's Birthday party (happy birthday one more time, Nancy!), chilled in the backyard with a couple of drinks and talked with friends until 2 or 3 in the morning. Stacey also had fun dressing up a ten year old kid in her clothes for a photo shoot of fashions through the decades, through the 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's, and 50's. I'm not sure what was scarier: the fact that Stacey had all those clothes in her closet or that the kid let herself be subjected to that. Gotta love a willing Barbie doll. Me, I just drank my beer.

Oh, and I met a fellow Queen's student who was an avid reader of GW while I was working on the paper. I still kind of miss that pseudo-celebrity status that being a part of Golden Words, our campus funnypaper, allowed. It was kind of like having super powers and a secret identity....we were just regular students, but every sunday, we jumped into a phone booth, emerged wearing our GW jerseys and wrote funny until the wee hours of the morning. And everyone wanted to know who we were, but we all had pseudonyms to protect our anonymity. But going back to Friday, it was fun to meet someone (in my own backyard, no less) who enjoyed my comic strips and writing and was interesting in getting to know who drew his favourite cartoons and wrote his favourite pieces. Every once in a while, he'd pop up with something like, "HEY, did you know Phreakshow?!" or "That guy Miss Kingston Pen was HILARIOUS! Who was that guy?" I think over the course of the evening, we went through just about every regular writer who was working on the paper in the last two years I was working there. It was nice.

Saturday night was a night out at the Dominion Tavern in downtown Ottawa with my buddies Tony, Ryan, and Mike. It's a sketchy bar, but I've always been comfortable there. It's the only bar in Ottawa (to my knowledge) that will play punk music all night long. And they have really big beers. I think they import them from Quebec or something. Anyway, that night was pretty fun (because I don't spend as much time with them as I'd like), despite the fact that I found out about my friend's housing problem (see previous post) and a bunch of other stuff that night. Something about the Dominion brings out one of two kinds of people in you: a) The happy-go-lucky-let's-party-tonight-and-get-ploughed guy, or b) the man-my-life-sucks-right-now-let's-bitch-tonight-and-get-ploughed guy. I think I was type a) that night but a lot of my company was Type b). But regardless, some beer was had, we went to subway, some random girl bought me a sub and then left before I could even thank her, I later went back for some cookies, and those were free too (best subway experience ever), and overall, we all had a pretty good time. No complaints here.

Sunday I had lobster dinner. Which was awesome....first of the year. Tasty. And we saw The Legend of Drunken Master, which was much better than the last Kung Fu movie we saw, the first Once Upon a Time In China, which was just awful. Jackie Chan is a true master when it comes to using everyday stuff that he finds around him (like benches, or pieces of cloth, or stuffed animals) to beat the living snot out of anyone who gets in his way. Very entertaining, plus he does a convincing drunken-stupor imitation that's amusing to see. Drunken Boxing, indeed.

I spent last night cheering up Stace. She'd had a rough day, and I decided to buy her some Harry Potter lego and a bottle of Liquid Tide (the detergent came free with the lego) and make her some dinner. We topped off the evening by watching The Animal which was pretty mindless, stupid fare but was probably Rob Schneider's best work (not saying much). Colleen from Survivor was in it though, and she's just damn cute. I think it worked. Stace went to bed in a much better mood....mission accomplished!

Coming ahead tonight: swimming! Exercise is so good when you enjoy what you're doing.


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