Friday, August 02, 2002

The Glory that is the Thriving Metropolis of Orleans, Ontario

Last night, Stacey and I saw what may be as close to our dream house as we can afford at this point in our lives. It's not's more expensive than what I can easily afford, it's available for August 15th, and we can't move until October, and it's in Orleans. Maybe it's me, but I've always seen Orleans as a place for people with families who can't afford such a big house in the city, old people, and the commutally insane (a term that I just came up with for people who have a strange affection for long commutes). But it's gorgeous, no doubt about it. Cute little bungalow!

Here's the goods: the kitchen is the same size as our current living room and dining room combined, it has a real wood fireplace, it's in beautiful shape, three bedrooms and a finished basement, a 1.5 car garage (now all I need to do is find 0.5 of a car to fill it up), and a backyard.....ohmigod, the backyard. It's about three times as big as the largest backyard my family has ever had, and I've had a bunch of backyards. There's a weeping willow back there, and it's quiet. Now most of you are probably saying "have fun mowing the lawn for three hours, chumpy!" but the best part is....the landlord pays someone to take care of the property! Ideal? I think so.

But we haven't gotten our hopes up yet (yeah, right). There's a good chance they'll rent it to someone else who can move in and start paying rent sooner. In the meantime, Stace and I are going to see a bunch of houses tomorrow, and maybe we'll find something we like even more.

Right now I'm looking forward to the weekend. One of my best friends from the high school days, Matt, is coming into town with his lovely girlfriend Fiona. We're hoping to go up to Mike Chaiton's cottage and chill by the lake with a beer or two on Sunday, and then maybe go to Mont Cascades for waterpark-fun on Monday. Hope the weather's nice! If I don't see you this long weekend, have a good one! Next update from me will be on Tuesday.


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