Wednesday, September 11, 2002

In Entertainment News...

It's official, according to the Russian Space Agency. Lance Bass of N*Sync will not, repeat: NOT, be going into outer space. The delivery mission to the International Space Station scheduled for October will proceed as planned, with a cargo case full of extra supplies filling Lance's flight seat in the Soyuz module...further proof that Lance's mission objective was to look pretty and, at all costs, avoid touching anything. As it turns out, the media moguls who were going to back Lance's Space Odyssey stiffed the Russians on the bill. Read more in this article here. Take special note of this picture of Lance staring blankly, yet with a mysterious glint in his eye, at a laptop, or "simulated ISS workstation." Ten bucks says he was playing Minesweeper just moments before those scientist types entered the room....

In other news (and this may make Chelsea cry): Lucas is planning on releasing an IMAX version of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, but only in North America, according to CNN. Sooooooo coooool. I just hope that it makes it to the theatre here in Ottawa at the National Museum of Civilization. Read all about it here. Apollo 13 will also be released, with a few others to boot. I'm gonna be first in line.


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