Monday, October 07, 2002

I Want to be Famous, Too...

Wow. Yet another person from my highschool has managed to make a bit of a name for least, it looks like she's about to. Clair Reilly-Roe is my age and we had a class or two together....I doubt that she'd remember me, though. But she's pursuing a career as a pop-star! More power to her, I hope she succeeds. She certainly has the pop-star "look" nailed, that's for sure...the pictures of her are gorgeous, although it's hard to recognize her as the same person. And she's already had a career as a pro snowboarder! Wow.

Unfortunately, the site's kinda broken and the audio links on her web site don't work.....If you've heard of her or have any of her music as MP3s (hey, it's a small world), let me know, because I'd like to check her music out. And check out her site. I think she might be going places. (plug plug plug)

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for my own way to make my millions and be adored by the masses. Any minute now....wait for it....


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