Tuesday, November 19, 2002

I Am a Wild Party

The housewarming did not, repeat, did not happen. Stacey and I have reluctantly dismissed the idea of an entirely housewarming-themed shindig in favour of some other event in the near future, possibly Christmas. As it turned out, we had a large number of cancellations and people who couldn't make it. Even so, we would have had a grand ol' time with the people who could still make it, only to find out I had a mild case of sinusitis. And as much fun as it is to have fluorescent green stuff pouring out of your head orifices, I preferred not to share it with my closest and dearest friends. You're welcome.

So, if anyone's interested in coming over, seeing the house, and indulging in three bags of sour cream and onion chips that were purchased before the cancellation, let me know. Because I think sour cream and onion chips are the chip-equivalent of biological waste. But hey, if you like 'em, more power to you!

The trade off was I got a chance to purchase and watch the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones DVD, which was excellent. The sound and picture quality are breathtaking, and the special features were well worth owning. It upsets me that Lucas is probably planning another edition of all of these movies when all six movies are complete, but I don't care for right now. I'll cross that bridge four years from now, when DVDs will probably be obsolete anyway.

A difficult realization came upon me yesterday. I have decided that my days in Canada are probably numbered. I really don't know how many more Canadian winters I can tolerate. Until recently, I was fine with winter. I didn't particularly enjoy it, but it also didn't cause me any physical pain or psychological turmoil. Things have changed.

This realization was triggered, of course, by the 30 cm of snow that was dumped on Ottawa over the weekend. It was worsened by the two (yes, two) buses that splashed me from head to toe with salty, brown slush. The bus drivers seemed to enjoy their little game of passing the bus stop and soiling the poor schleps stuck waiting there with nowhere else to go, cackling merrily and gunning their engines whenever they came across a puddle deep enough to sink their tires into. After getting on my bus, a little punk-ass high school brat had his feet up on the seat and dangling into the aisle, only to kick at me as I was passing, leaving a soggy boot mark on my leg. Fury justifiably consumed me.

Fall is nice....but I wish we could just jump ahead to spring instead of enduring six months of slushy, frozen hell beforehand.


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