Thursday, June 05, 2003

This Post Has Been Brought to You by the Word of the Day: CORK

Cork isn't a word you hear very often outside of wine-drinking circles and thumb-tack boards, but thanks to Sammy Sosa, it now has a whole new meaning. I think just about everyone now knows that cork+bat=GOOD. Or cork+bat=BAD, if you consider what this situation is probably going to do to the poor sap's career, regardless of whether or not he's used it in regular game play before. They've already checked his 76 other bats, and they are all clean, but I guess we'll never know for sure. A one in 77 chance of picking the corked bat by accident seems pretty slim.

Man! Baseball's already a marathon sport as it is. Imagine how much longer a game would take if they stopped the play long enough to x-ray Sammy's bat every time he hits a homer.

I suspect that Sammy won't be drinking much chardonais in the near future, will he?


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