Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Watch Out for the Shards of Wood in Your Tongue

I had sushi for lunch. It was tasty. I almost got a mouth splinter from cheap-ass chopsticks, though.

Things with the contract are still going swimmingly. I still can't get over how refreshing it is to be treated like an expert instead of being treated like a tool. And you can take that how ever you want to. Either way, it was bad before, now it's good! I feel like I'm being useful and that people here really appreciate what I'm doing for them. I suppose this is what it feels like to have one of them "good" jobs everyone keeps talking about.

I bumped into an old, old friend of mine, Maritia Gully, at a club this past weekend. Maritia was a classmate of mine from grade 7 to 8 and appeared again out of the ether at Queen's, only to disappear again. Well, she's back, and it was great seeing her again. I have now added her to my list of people that I know who have seen much, much more of the world than I have, since she was recently living in Central America (I think that's what she said) and in England. Anyway, now she's thinking about going back to school after recently getting her Masters in Epidemiology (just like Mike Chaiton! What a crazy coincidence). She said she wants to be an MD one day. Anyway, hello to Maritia, hope you found my blog okay!

I also went to a party to see yet another friend off on her world-wide travels. Emma is probably halfway around the globe today. I want to wish her lots of luck in Thailand. Me and Mr. Mike Blue Jeans had a great time at your party, Emma, even though Mike doesn't remember very much of it. I think it's the first drink-fest party of its kind that I've been to in the past ten-years where there were parents present. Spooky. I even had to try and convince her dad that Carlsberg was the closest thing to a good-tasting beer that was still left in the fridge. I don't think I did a very good job of it, though.

Anyway, I'm off for dinner with my dad. Gonna check out the new gourmet burger joint in Westbro, The Works. I've been to the one on Beechwood and had one of the most delicious (and most eclectic) burgers I've ever had. I'll update you tomorrow on what kinds of fruits/vegetables/fish/cream sauces I ordered on my burger.


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