Friday, August 23, 2002

Friday Afternoon Special

Well, it's finally happened. Two days ago, the Hon. Jean Chretien, aging Prime Minister of the coolest nation on the earth, announced his retirement. And a great number of Canadians breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Now all we have to put up with is 18 months of Jean discrediting Paul Martin, granting Manley another eight or nine portfolios to make him look like Superman, and naming his drinking buddies from Shawinigan to the Senate. And let the games begin: the NDP, Tories, and Liberals will all be choosing a new leader in the next year and a half. An opportunity for a total house-cleaning and a new generation of politicians to join Harper as the young leaders of the big mucketty-muck powers-that-be. Look for their leadership campaigns, coming soon to a high-profile event near you.

My weekend's looking busy:
  • Tonight's Lynx game in a corporate box, courtesy of Stacey's company,

  • Tonight's going-away party for Brandy, who's moving in with her boyfriend and moving away from Ottawa to a far-away southwestern Ontario land (we'll miss you, kiddo),

  • Tomorrow's (possible) trip to the Super-Ex, since it's the last year that it'll be held at Landsdowne Park,

  • Tomorrow's Tool concert (Stacey and I don't really know the band, but we're going with friends),

  • Sunday's brunch with Stacey's Dad,

  • Sunday afternoon's vegging, hardcore,

  • And who knows, maybe we'll fit in a movie somewhere in there.

  • Have a good weekend, everyone!


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