Tuesday, October 15, 2002

And the Geese Will Inherit the Earth....

This morning, and every morning for the past few weeks, I have noticed gaggles of Geese everywhere. Hundreds of them. All in one place. They're in the fields close to my home, gobbling up the dry remnants of the crops. They're paddling about in the river, all menacing-like, squawking and honking at one another.

I think they're up to something.

They're organizing; I'm not sure for what nefarious purpose yet, but I'm onto them....I have my suspicions. Every once in a while, they'll erupt from whatever dark place that they're congregating in and soar into the sky, forming ominous letters, signaling their intent.


V for Victory. Victory against their target....which, I can only assume, is us. I think the Canada Goose wants this country, the country that bears its name, back in its feathery clutches.

Well, they won't get it without a fight! I have stockpiled rations! I have boarded up my doors and windows! I have alerted my local authorities! Know your FOE.

But, a word of warning! The military had the nerve to suggest that my fears were unwarranted and that I was quite likely thoroughly insane. They called it "my-gray-shun" or some such thing, which I can only interpret as a secret code word for the waterfowl takeover...the army's in on it, somehow. Trust no one.

I'll get to the bottom of this....


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