Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Trailer Trash

Jay Pinkerton's aptly-named new comedic venture is called Trailer Trash. Now, we're not talking slack-jawed, inbred cousins that shack-up in a shabby, wheeled hovel, here. No sir, not aptly-named in that way. It's about movie trailers, and every Monday, Jay takes a look at some of the most recent ones out there and tries to trash them as much as he can. Unless they're good, that is.

It's a neat new spin. Reviewing the trailers, the marketing vehicles behind the movies, rather than the movies themselves, and taking them for what they are: marketing. Do they do their job? Do they sell movie tickets, the ultimate in modern luxury commodities? Ever since they raised ticket prices to the point where you have to sell a lung to finance a night out at the local cinema, trailers have become more and more important, and flashier, and quicker, and more revealing. And Jay'll be right there to knock them back into the gutters where they belong or place them on a pedestal as the apex of effective hype and viewer-pandering.

Brilliant. I highly recommend the site. It's funny, smart, and a great way to appreciate the unrecognized marketing machine that plants your butts in the seats. This week, Jay reviews the trailers for the new Harry Potter Movie and The Two Towers. Check the site in the future under the "trailers" link in my link bar to the left.


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