Tuesday, January 07, 2003

An Experiment! I am Now Taking an Un-Official Poll

Everyone's talking New Year's resolutions. Mine are pretty standard: eat better food, get more exercise, and focus more on what I want to do with my time. This is two-fold, of course: on one hand, I think I need to find a new job, one where I'm actually happy and busy and learning new things, and on the other, I need a solid artistic outlet. It's the latter that I'm interested in getting some feedback about.

So here's the question. If I was going to focus on one or two artistic endeavors and really really work hard at them all year long at the expense of the others, what should I do? Should I,

a) stay in front of the computer screen and focus on my writing, blog-wise, comedy-wise, and otherwise?
b) stay in front of the computer screen and learn Photoshop and Illustrator inside and out?
c) pick up my microphone and find a band to sing with?
d) pick up my brushes again and start oil painting?
e) pick up my pencils again and get an online cartoon and/or comic book up into the air?
f) pick up my Canon Rebel X and my Kodak digital and go photo-crazy?
g) help out my protesting wallet and start-up some kind of art-related company (greeting cards, commercial art, etc.)?
h) blow all my life savings and declare myself a sculptor?
i) dust off my tights and go back to stage acting?


j) Say "phooey!" to resolutions, keep doing what I'm doing, all scatterbrained-like and not seeing anything through to the end?

The list above is in no particular order, by the way. Except for the last one, which, to be quite honest, isn't giving me the same kind of satisfaction that it used to. Somehow, I think that'll be where I end up, all the same.

I guess New Year's resolutions are a lot easier when you don't leave them all open-ended, aren't they?


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