Wednesday, August 20, 2003

C'mon, Everyone's Doing It...You Know You Want to...

Mike Beltzner's getting hitched, now - to his lovely girlfriend, Dawn. Congratulations to you both! Follow the link to get an eyeful of the rock, if you're interested.

So, alright, who's next?

The past week has been a blur. Yet another hard drive died on me last week, so my computer was out of commission again. Fortunately, I caught it in time this time round, so I didn't lose anything major - only time and my patience. I've started a new contract, so I'm commuting to Gatineau (formerly Hull, QC) all over again. The work is difficult and new, so the learning curve is pretty steep. I'm slowly making my way through it, however - but adapting to the much longer commute? I'm going to need a lot more time for that.

Stacey and I just got back from a weekend in Montreal, where we caught the Radiohead show at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Friday night, and it was excellent, despite the flies that were plaguing singer Thom Yorke throughout the show. At one point, he was running back and forth across the stage shouting "Flies! Flies! Flies!" in a cartoonishly fiendish voice while flailing his arms. Come to think of it, he did that dance an awful lot during the rest of the show. At the time, I thought it was part of a new "cray-zee" epileptic-dancing stage persona (in response to the well-known flailing antics of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin). Or maybe that he was really, really into the music. But perhaps it was just his improvised anti-fly strategy? Hmmmm....

Radiohead played most of the new album and some gems from their older stuff. I was a little disappointed that they didn't play for as long as I had hoped (an hour and a half or so, including two encores), but I was elated that they played my all-time favourite Radiohead song, "Street Spirit". I wasn't expecting it at all, but boy, it made me happy. I could only muster a croak when the show was over, having blown out my voice roughly half-way through "Karma Police", but it was worth it.

We capped it off with a trip to La Ronde the next day, which was a lot of fun. Imagine Canada's Wonderland, except without all the Flintstones and english-speaking carnies and concession people. We spent the day riding roller coasters, eating junk food, and generally having a good time. Stacey conquered her fear of motion sickness with a ride on "Le Monstre". It was fitting in a way, to overcome her personal monsters on "Le Monstre". Wakka wakka! That joke seemed so much better at the time, trust me.

I don't know what's happened to my site stats thingy down below, but it appears to be AWOL. I can only hope that some day they'll come back. Come back, little site-stats, we miss you! My comments system has been a little haywire, too, so if you've been having trouble with it, reload once or twice. See it yet? No? Crappy. Seems like a long time since I've had more than one or two comments on a post.

Anyone else getting a little skitchy now that summer's on its way out? Time for great volumes of barbequing, Ultimate frisbee, kool-aid, and insect repellent, before it's too late!


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