Thursday, July 17, 2003

Happy Birthday, Monkey!

It's only fitting that my blogging hiatus would be broken by a post celebrating MPFH's One-Year Anniversary! Awesome cool.

A few things of note:

* I've just returned from three weeks of vacation (hence, the hiatus) and I have many stories to tell, for those of you that are interested. If all goes well, I'll start writing them down later today or tomorrow, depending on what's expected of me at work. I've spent the whole day today answering emails and getting back on my feet again, but getting back into the swing of blogging is on my "to-do-once-everything-else-is-done" list.

* I've added a new link to my buddy Matt's blog, which was inaugurated in my absence. Matt's another Canadian in a foreign land, currently bunking-out in Scotland. Check out his blog for an insight into yet another distant part of the world and watch out for music and movie reviews. He has fine taste in both.

* I have a stack of photographs to share, if I ever get around to scanning some of them and figuring out where to post them. I'll keep you in the loop while my procrastination continues.

* I'm happy to report that Radiohead will be coming to Canada in August. The Toronto show is sold out, but if anyone wants to meet up with me in Montreal instead, let me know. Tickets are still available, but for a very short time, I'd expect.

* Go see Pirates of the Caribbean! It's much more fun than you're probably expecting. Best pirate movie EVER. Arrrr!

* What do bridges to the USA, deer, and rootbeer have to do with one another? Find out soon!


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