Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Hotmail is Officially Dead to Me

Hey! Remember when Hotmail was a great way to get messages from your friends? Not anymore! Now all I seem to get is delightfully-titled messages like "she sucked off everyone at the part xuhghgggfh" and "Barry, is someone wanting to meet you?" and "nubian tramps prefer white poles xxgygdfftd" and "Plump girlzzzz with collossal jubes." I'm not even sure what a "jube" is, even.

I'm probably coming to this decision late, but now that my work is requiring me to spend more and more time away from my precious internet and literally thousands of these messages are piling up, I'm gonna pull the plug. If you're accustomed to reaching me through the "drop me a line" link at the side, please let me know in the next few days because as of next week I'm not going to be checking it anymore.


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