Monday, July 12, 2004

Grab Bag


Things have started to become a little more settled. I'm living with my mother right now (read: I'm back to being 14 again), but things there have been going great. Although all my earthly possessions are stacked in the garage (which I've recently discovered is full of bees), my mom's been spoiling me lots and I'm pretty comfortable. I've slowly started to amass the vast amount of housewares that I need to replace, and so far I've been getting some pretty great deals on some pretty great stuff. But I tell you, I've never read so many newspaper flyers in my life. If I see one more Leons ad, I'm gonna puke.

Canada Day! Canada Day was spent in decent Ottawa-fashion, involving beer, party-hopping, BBQs, and fireworks. Well, we saw the top 10% of the fireworks, to be more precise. From where we were, they were obscured by houses and trees, but the top bits we could see sure were purdy. I never did make it downtown-downtown, though (except when I got off the bus to walk to my buddy's house earlier that day).

I have a new art project. The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. are having a logo design contest, which I'm planning to take a stab at. Winning something like that would be *huge* for setting up a potential career in art, and the $25K prize ain't too shabby either. Now I just have to design the sucker. So what does Vancouver mean to you? My mom's big suggestion was to design a logo with a canoe, a totem pole, a beaver, two hockey sticks, and an artichoke (don't ask) in it. Something tells me that might be a little busy, though. Any suggestions are welcome, if you've got any.

And there have been a few updates to the LIST. As Matt already mentioned on his blog, my Hayden-esque Canada Day care package arrived safely in Scotland (#49). I can also say that I'm not watching re-runs anymore (#82). I should have said at the time that The Simpsons were exempt from that, of course.

There's still some big stuff coming up ahead. A few long-distance friends are coming into town to visit this summer, there's a cottage party in my future, and of course, the big move to the new apartment will be happening in August. And maybe, just maybe, I might be able to squeeze in a vacation somewhere in there.

Agggghhh! Bees!


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