Wednesday, March 31, 2004


In order to get a passport, you need a guarantor to sign the application, vouching for your identity. The federal government is very specific about what exactly constitutes a legal guarantor. Now, I know that there are probably deeper undercurrents supporting the reasoning for choosing these professions (most of which require professional affiliations, accreditations, or licenses), but I think this may also represent a list of jobs that the Canadian Government thinks are important. The list includes:

- Dentist, medical doctor, or chiropractor;
- Judge, magistrate, police officer;
- Lawyer (member of a provincial bar association);
- Mayor;
- Minister of religion authorized under provincial law to perform marriages;
- Notary public (?);
- Optometrist;
- Pharmacist;
- Postmaster;
- Principal of primary or secondary school;
- Professional accountant;
- Professional engineer;
- Senior administrator in a community college;
- Senior administrator or teacher in a university; or
- Veterinarian.

Is your job on the list? No? Mine neither. Guess the feds don't think we're important enough. I noticed that "Member of Parliament" and "Member of Provincial Parliament" were not included in the list. I wonder if the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is trying to tell us something?

I'd love to know what a "notary public" is, though. Do they mean notable? I guess I'm kind of public. Either way, I'm probably not the best person to bring your passport applications to. Just for future reference.


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