Saturday, March 27, 2004

Snootch to the Nooch

It begins anew. Once again, Kevin Smith has a new movie in theatres. And once again, I'm being compared to him once or twice a day, at least in appearance. But hey, if I had his skills in writing humour and franchise-making saavy, I'd be a rich, rich man right now. His skills as a movie-maker, however, may leave something to be desired, if the critics are to be believed about his last offering.

(By the way, saw Jersey Girl last night, and it wasn't good. It had a few laughs, but overall, it was a miss. It's more of a chick-flick than anything else, and that scares me a bit, coming from him. I think Kevin's wife was ghost-writing this one.)

By putting the above comment in parentheses, it doesn't contradict my vow to avoid talking exclusively about movies. Read it again, it's about our resemblance and nothing more. So there.


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