Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hallowe'en is a Perfect Time for Making Skittlebrau

Okay, even though I have some great pumpkin suggestions now, I'm still having trouble deciding. Beetlejuice was a strong contender but I can't find enough good pics online at a decent size. At this rate, I'm gonna end up with something painfully easy just because I'm going to run out of time....I still have some tricks up my sleeve, though.

In the meantime -- do ya love The Simpsons? Or do you live with / spend massive amounts of time with an avid Simpsons fan who won't stop quoting weird words you don't understand? Check out this, a wikipedia compilation of all of the words the Simpsons writers have made up over the last 17 seasons. On a good day, I watch the show twice a day...and there are still some on there that I don't remember. Enjoy!


At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Heather said...

Dude it's Sara's friend Heather... you may remeber me from such events as splashing in a raging thunderstorm like morons at Sara's call to the bar party.

Anyway I was just thinking I didn't have the mad skills to do this, but the Toronto Star has stencils for doing a George Bush pumpkin.

The link is
the stencils are along the side of that article. Good luck!


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