Thursday, August 29, 2002

Naughty Survivor

Oh, you won't believe this one....After Survivor II: Australia, Survivor Jerri Manthey stripped for Playboy. Thanks to them, she got a pay-off from the gig on the show, but it further hurt her chances of a big-time acting career. Everyone knows this, most people shrug and say "Whatever," since a lot of the time, that's what happens with ex-pseudo-starlets. Playboy backs a dump truck full of money to their front door and the temptation to lose a few articles of clothing and run with the money is huge.

Well, this time around, we've got the opposite going on. Remember that new contestant who's a washed-up soap opera actor that I was telling you about? Turns out he's done soft porn! Bwa-hahahaha! He's already done the nasty, preserved for posterity on film, an indelible part of cinematic history. Rent the tapes to see for yourself today!

Check out the link for pictures and everything. Apparently the producers of the show know about it and are playing it down. What's next? Survivor 6: Nude Beach?


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