Friday, August 30, 2002

What's a Diorama?

Another week has gone by, folks. That's right, you're now seven days older than you were seven days ago at exactly this same time. Feel any different? Had a good week? Worked hard? Maybe had a beer or two after work? Did some house cleaning? Maybe ran around your neighbourhood buck-nekkid for a while? Blew up some alien motherships using your laptop and 53 pounds of silly putty? Shook your fist in the face of adversity, and having pissed off adversity, shook your fist at oppression just a little bit? Did it make you feel good? Did it? Yeah, you like that.


I'm burnt out and I suspect that I'm not making much sense. Time for some R&R up at the cottage and a little bit of the going-away-party business for my good friend, Mike. Bon voyage-y, Mike! We're gonna miss you around here. Enjoy learning about the bubonic plague and stuff!

I also get to see my very first Ottawa Renegades game, which should be fun. I think it'll be my first live football game since I was ten years old. Frightening.

So have a good one....back in the bloggin' business as of Tuesday. And maybe next week I'll have something intelligent to say....


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