Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Dharmix Revolutions

I think it's safe to say that many, many people thought that The Matrix Revolutions was a flawed movie. Many people chose to say it just plain old sucked, while others liked all the chainguns and actiony bits. Some people chose to withhold judgment, waiting to see it a second time to see if they could get more meaning out of the movie. Many more chose to make no comment at all. I'm sure that the Oracle would aprove of all that choosing going on.

Through a strange path of clicking while doing my morning web browsing, I found an article that points out parallels between many of the scenes in the movie and loose Buddhist teachings. Being largely unfamiliar with the Dharma or anything Buddhist, I found it to be quite enlightening.

And I, for one, can honestly say that when I saw the movie, I missed the point, at least from this context. But the parallels seem to be far too close to have not been in the Wachowski's mind when they were constructing the plot and dialogue of the movie. Certain characters and situations that previously seemed to have no point at all now seem to be a little more grounded to me.

Anyway, decide for yourself. If you haven't seen the movie, hold off, there are lots of spoilers.


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