Tuesday, June 22, 2004

SpaceShipOne Has Landed

As an update to an earlier post: the first X-prize team to build a working reusable space capsule, Scaled Composite's SpaceShipOne, has flown the first privately financed manned rocket beyond the Earth's atmosphere and returned safely. The event yesterday was a test run for the eventual 3-person mission to follow later this year. Read all about it here.

Amazing. The boundaries of space have never seemed closer to me. Read about the $10 million Ansari X-Prize right here...looks like there's a shoe-in ready to take the cash.


At 3:28 PM, Blogger Chris Orlando said...

a good point from an article in last week's Xpress...

First and foremost, a resounding no to America's missile defence scheme, which neither the NDP nor the Bloc will stand for. Ex-defence minister David Pratt, the guy who last year told Donald Rumsfeld we can't wait to get started, took a symbolic fall in this respect in his Nepean-Carleton riding, losing to a Conservative newcomer. This doesn't mean no weapons in space. No amount of Canadian rhetoric, not even from our refurbished Prime Minister Martin, will keep nukes and lazers out of orbit - it's in the cards.

(Why is the subject of another column. I'll just remind you that with the first privately funded leap into heaven, space is now a trade route, and we all know how possessive the U.S. can be of trade routes.)


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