Monday, January 20, 2003

The Twist: Revealed!

Maybe this is old news, but it's certainly new to me. I was casually surfing onto the CBS web site to see what's happening with the next installment of Survivor and I learned more than I was bargaining for. Survivor VI: The Amazon will begin as two tribes split by gender, one all-female and one all male. Yowza.

I think that twist alone will make this season a bit more interesting than the last one, especially when it comes to how the producers approach rewards and challenges and how the Survivors will interact in a same-sex environment. Will it be an advantage or a curse? Will the men get along better than the women or vice versa? I already have my suspicions, but the only way to figure out one way or another is to watch. Click here to learn more.

Here's a breakdown of this season's cast:

  • The prerequisite cute girl-next-door-type!

  • A recovered-alcoholic triathlon runner who thinks he's Aquaman!

  • A middle-aged middle-school principal!

  • A black-belt, bodybuilding Chinese-American guy and WWE Raw enthusiast!

  • A troll-faced man-model who wants to "see into a women's locker room." Frightening!

  • A "succulent" deaf girl! (no joking here, that's really, truly cool. Especially the succulent part)

  • An "enthusiastic, free-spirited and outgoing" lady who likes to find "new ways to have fun" with the "massage oil" she brought in a tribe populated entirely by women! Yeee!

  • The second runner-up in the Miss Pennsylvania U.S.A. beauty pageant in 2001! Ooooo, a celebrity!

  • A school guidance counselor who starred in the movie Juwanna Mann and claims that one of her "most enjoyable hobbies is lifting up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ in pure praise and worship." Sounds like a fun hobby.

  • A guy who sounds far too interesting-sounding to last more than a single round! See for yourself. He's so outta there. Plus, he looks like one of the guys from Weezer.

  • A beer-guzzling, body-surfing NASA rocket scientist who wants to start a beef-jerky company! Wow!

  • A computer nerd! Finally!

  • A water balloon-wielding District Attorney! Now how come they never show DA's with water balloons on Law and Order, hmmm?

  • A "Vice President of Estimating" Right. Sounds made-up to me. And I'm the Vice President of Sitting on my Ass in a Comfortable Chair.

  • A woman that I swear to God is a real, in-the-flesh Elf, straight out of Lord of the Rings. She's also a PhysEd teacher. Yummy! And...

  • A hypnosis-practicing abstinence counselor. I never, ever want to meet this woman.

  • There you have it! The new season starts up Thursday, February 13. Geez, I think CBS should throw me some free goodies for all this free advertising I give them....


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